The Church Congregation

United Presbyterian Church of Ishpeming has had several groups within the congregation. The church congregation has averaged 50-60 members from the inception of the church and continues to present day.

Presbyterian Women is a group of women of the church, formally known as Ladies Centennial Serving Society, hold an annual tea and sale where handmade gifts from the church members are sold with bake goods. Funds are also raised through a bake sale held at a local bank every spring. Funds raised throughout the year are donated to several local charities, groups, and individuals in need.

Deacons of United Presbyterian Church have also been established for many years. The Deacons have been established to serve the members of the church and community. They have been consistent supports of Salvation Army and also serve many of the members who are unable to routinely attend worship services and those in need in the community.

The Session of the United Presbyterian Church is made up of church members who serve to run church. This group of members makes decisions regarding most of the church workings, from activities organized in the church to decisions needed for the building structure.

Throughout the years many things within the church have changed and evolved, yet many remain the same. The church no longer rents pews, yet we still gather in the original structure to worship God. This church is willing to grow, with doors that will always remain open to the community, its visitors, and anyone interested in following the Lord in whatever he has for us in life. United Presbyterian Church of Ishpeming is a place to come and enjoy the church community and worship together.

So come, pull up a pew, meet some new faces, and enjoy what the Lord has built. Hopefully we can continue to enjoy another century of worship within this church.


Hours of Service

Mon-Fri 9:00am - 4:00pm